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Bay-Friendly Home Gardener Resources

The Bay-Friendly Gardening program was developed to encourage residents to make environmentally friendly gardening choices. It is not a particular style, but an approach. Bay-Friendly Gardeners work with nature to reduce waste and protect the watersheds of the San Francisco Bay.

Bay-Friendly Gardeners:

● Nurture healthy soil and plants

● Conserve water and other resources

● Reuse plant trimmings through mulching and composting

● Provide wildlife habitat

● Feature native and Mediterranean plants

● Choose least-toxic pest control methods

Bay-Friendly Nursery Talks for Home Gardeners

Nursery talks include valuable design information, hands-on demonstrations, and drawings for garden gifts at the end of each talk. All participants receive a complimentary Bay-Friendly Gardening Guide and all events are FREE and open to the public with no prior registration required.

Click here to find a Lose Your Lawn Nursery Talk near you

Ready to Lose Your Thirsty Lawn?

It's surprisingly easy to replace your lawn with a healthy garden that works for you. By using Bay-Friendly practices, you can conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and save time and money.

Find out how by visiting our Lose Your Lawn page for instructional videos and handouts.

Finding the Right Plants

Choosing Bay-Friendly Plants
Plants Suited for the Bay Area
Where to find Bay-Friendly Plants

Gardening Resources

Bay-Friendly Gardening Guide
Bay-Friendly Approach to Rainwater Catchment
See all Bay-Friendly Publications
Lose Your Lawn the Bay-Friendly Way

Check out Our Water Our World displays at local nurseries to learn how to manage garden pests with the least toxic solutions.



Hire a Qualified Bay-Friendly Landscape Professional

While creating and maintaining your own garden can be a satisfying experience, hiring help is sometimes a necessary fact of life. Bay-Friendly Qualified landscape professionals have participated in a comprehensive training program and are enthused about offering a holistic approach to the management of your landscape.

Our new database of Bay-Friendly Professionals makes it easy to find just the person you're looking for, whether it's someone to help maintain your property or create a brand new installation!

For further guidance you can download Hiring a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional to Design or Manage Your Landscape.  This helpful brochure provides additional tips and considerations when evaluating potential landscape professionals for your home and garden.

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