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Lose Your Lawn the Bay-Friendly Way

Lose Your Lawn Demonstration Event

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We are all trying to reduce our water usage and irrigation for landscaping is a primary source of water demand. Learn how to convert your existing lawn to a beautiful, yet low water landscape. At this open house event hosted by Gates + Associates Landscape Architecture you can gather all the information you need to convert your landscape without breaking your back, or your wallet.

There will be stations demonstrating sheet mulching, irrigation conversion and planting lectures

Ready to lose your lawn, but not sure where to start?

Learn how to remove your lawn without tearing it out! It's surprisingly easy to replace your lawn with a healthy garden that works for you. By using Bay-Friendly practices, you can conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and save time and money.

Bay-Friendly has successfully educated hundreds of landscape professionals and home gardeners in the innovative technique of sheet mulching, a simple method used to enrich the soil in planting areas, establish a new landscape or garden area, or remove a lawn without herbicides.

Vendors and Bay-Friendly landscape designers will be on hand to answer your questions about products and plant material selections.


Gates + Associates

Basalite Concrete Products

Lawn Conversion Rebate Programs:

Interested in replacing your lawn, but worried about up front costs?

Several Bay Area water agencies are currently offering rebates for lawn conversion and/or weather based irrigation controllers for both residential and commercial landscapes. The Bay-Friendly Coalition is partnering with these water agencies in an effort to encourage the widespread adoption of more Bay-Friendly, water-efficient gardens and landscapes.

Click here for full list of rebate programs.

Residential rebates up to $2,500

Commercial rebates up to $20,000

Bay-Friendly Landscape Conversion

Lose Your Lawn Demonstration

lawn conversionLearn how to remove your lawn without tearing it out! These how-to talks are given by Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professionals, Bay-friendly landscape designers, contractors and vendors and will be on hand to provide design and plant selection advice as well as walk you through converting a lawn without breaking your back, or your wallet. There will be a hands-on demonstration of sheet mulching – an innovative technique of layering materials on top of your lawn, allowing you to plant right into it!

This event is free and open to the public, and no prior registration is required.


Video Slideshows

Sheet Mulching - watch this slideshow to learn an easy method to remove and replace your lawn without herbicides

Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Retrofit - watch this slideshow to learn how to convert your lawn sprinklers to more efficient drip irrigation



Instructional Handouts

Sheet Mulching - download this PDF for step-by-step illustrated instructions to remove and replace your lawn without herbicides

download sheet mulching instructions



Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Retrofit - download this PDF for step-by-step illustrated instructions to convert your lawn sprinklers to more efficient drip irrigation

download sprinkler conversion instructions


StopWaste.Org worked with Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals to develop plans for Alameda County homeowners to convert their lawns to Bay-Friendly landscapes.

If you’re seeking ideas and inspiration for your own lawn conversion project, take a look at these three model designs by clicking on the images to the right.

Each includes:

Concept plan: shows overall layout in color

Planting plan: shows plant layout, species, spacing, and sizes, and includes notes on soil preparation and how to plant

Irrigation plan: shows how to divide planting areas into irrigation zones, and includes helpful notes and technical guidance

For More Examples of Successful Lawn Conversions - Sunset Magazine highlights a diverse sampling of lawn conversions, front and backyards, in their 21 inspiring lawn-free yards photo gallery.


Corner Curb Appeal
Dublin, CA

Lawn Conversion Plan by Georgia Madden

Design by Georgia Madden

Back Yard Meadow Oasis
Fremont, CA

Lawn Conversion Plan by Four Dimensions

Design by Four Dimensions

A Small Yard with Everything
Castro Valley, CA

Lawn Conversion Plan by Larrance Landscapes

Design by Larrance Landscapes


Need help with converting your lawn or other landscaping projects? Hire a Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional. They're trained in Bay-Friendly principles and cutting-edge practices for healthy, environmentally sound gardens and landscapes.

View our online directory of Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals.

To find professionals who offer lawn conversion services, click on the "Filter by Service" option and choose "Sheet Mulching or Lawn Conversion".

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