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Since 2007, over 1,450 landscape architects, designers, contractors, managers and municipal maintenance workers have earned the Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional credential.

Bay Friendly Qualified ProfessionalNow it’s your turn to grow your professional expertise in sustainable landscape practices.

The Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition offers training for landscape professionals throughout the Bay Area.

Hire a Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional

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Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals can help you design, build, renovate or manage your residential, commercial or civic landscape.

Bay-Friendly Raters can help design teams for civic and commercial projects earn the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape designation.

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Sustainable Landscaping, the Bay-Friendly Way

Bay-Friendly is a systematic approach to creating and managing beautiful, healthy landscapes that conserve water, reduce waste and pollution, and provide many other benefits for property owners, communities and the environment.

Based on seven principles, the Bay-Friendly approach is flexible and can be adapted to suit a variety of styles and needs, from residential yards with areas for playing, relaxing, and growing food, to busy city parks that invite in people and wildlife, to corporate and institutional campuses that are as easy to maintain as they are easy on the environment.

Bay-Friendly practices address issues that property owners care about, such as lowering water bills, reducing risks associated with many landscape chemicals, complying with stormwater regulations, and creating habitat for bees, birds and other pollinators and beneficial wildlife.

Become a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional and learn how to create beautiful, healthy landscapes that do a world of good.

Upcoming Bay-Friendly Training Courses and CEU Opportunities:

Upcoming Bay-Friendly Qualification & Professional Training courses may be found on our events calendar.

Upcoming Continuing Education Opportunities may be found on our Calendar of Upcoming CEU Opportunities here.

If your public agency, business or organization is interested in sponsoring a Bay-Friendly Training in your community, please contact us.

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