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The Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition 

We are a California nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable landscaping and gardening practices in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Coalition encourages practices that reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources, and create vibrant landscapes and gardens. The primary goal of Bay-Friendly is to lessen the impact of conventional landscape practices on the environment by providing home gardeners, landscape professionals, and local governments with the knowledge and resources to create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable gardens and landscapes.

The Coalition addresses the following challenges:

• California’s water supply is limited and under increasing pressure. Up to 30% of urban water use goes to landscaping.

• Landfill space is scarce and there are significant economic and environmental costs to transporting and landfilling plant debris. In Alameda County alone, 110,000 tons of plant debris goes to the landfill each year.

• Local creeks and the bay are impacted by inappropriate use of pesticides, affecting human health and wildlife populations.

• Traditional landscape construction and maintenance practices of mow, shear, and blow contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

• Biodiversity, ecosystem services, and aesthetic values of Bay Area natural resources are at risk.

What is the Coalition doing to help bring Bay-Friendly to your community?

• Promoting the adoption of Bay-Friendly programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

• Providing training to home gardeners and landscape professionals in Bay-Friendly principles and practices.

• Encouraging Bay Area agencies to sign a Declaration of Support for the 7 Principles of Bay-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening. Twenty eight agencies have signed already.

• Coordinating the reprinting of Bay-Friendly guidebooks at a reduced cost for member organizations. Over 50,000 guidebooks have been reprinted and distributed around the Bay Area.

• Creating a third party rater system to evaluate new landscape design and construction based upon the Bay-Friendly scorecard.

• Securing grant funding to provide Coalition members with a reduced cost to implementing the Bay-Friendly programs.

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