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Bay-Friendly Gardening Guide

  Download the Bay-Friendly Gardening Guide

  Download a copy of Bay-Friendly Gardening:

  From Your Backyard to the Bay. This 70+ page

  how-to guide provides gardening tips, a design

  survey, profiles of gardens, and much more.





 Complete Guide

Bay-Friendly Gardening Guide (6.77 MB)

 Chapter 1:

Gardening for a Sense of Place

 Chapter 2:

Into the Garden - Look Before You Leap

 Chapter 3:

Gardening from the Ground Up

 Chapter 4:

Gardening Day To Day and Through the Seasons

 Chapter 5:

Gardening for the Birds and the Bees

 Chapter 6:

If You Don't Own the Land

 Chapter 7:

  Bay Friendly Design Questionnaire

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