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Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines

Download the Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines

These Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines are written for the professional landscape industry to offer an integrated approach to environmentally friendly landscaping.

The Guidelines are organized around seven principles for protecting the environment. By viewing the landscape through the lens of these seven principles, we can see it in a different light, such as how plant selection can create or decrease waste or how soil preparation can prevent or increase runoff. There are fifty-five practices listed under these seven principles. The practices themselves each include many examples of applications.


 Complete Guide:

Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines (4+MB)

 Chapter 1:

Introduction to Bay-Friendly Landscaping

 Chapter 2:

Bay-Friendly Landscaping Checklist

 Chapter 3:

Bay-Friendly Landscaping Practices

 Chapter 4:

Summary of Benefits

 Chapter 5:

How to Start Landscaping in a Bay-Friendly Way


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